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SkyDemon for Mac OS X (unofficially)

By rikur - 11/20/2015 9:44:00 PM

(updated August 2018)
I’ve created an up-to-date version of SkyDemon to run on macOS.
This is something I’ve done for my own benefit and happy to share, but isn’t supported by SkyDemon.

There are different versions depending upon the version of MacOSthat you are running:


For macOS versions prior to High Sierra:


For High Sierra:

Download this, uncompress it, then copy it to your Applications folder.

If you've already got an earlier version installed, first dragit from Applications folder to the Trash - you shouldn't lose anysettings when doing this, as these are stored separately in your Documentsfolder.


Important: The first time you run it, youwill need to locate it in the Applications folder from Finderand press the Control key, then click the app icon, then choose Open from theshortcut menu (this is because it is 'untrusted' - see: Wink. You may also have to click “Allow” to a pop-up about accepting inboundconnections.


When you first run SkyDemon it will check to see if a morerecent version is available, and if so will prompt you to download and installit.


Please use this thread for any specific feedback / issues withthis build (good or bad) - keep complaints about lack of native versionelsewhere. I can’t promise to fix everything - and indeed one day this mightall suddenly stop working when some unwanted update comes along. At the risk ofsounding like a lawyer, use entirely at your own risk.


Known issues:

As with the previous versions for Mac, there is now oneknown unresolved issue:

 - you must have a printer installed and configured beforeusing Print Centre, otherwise Print Centre won't work;


How does it work?: 

This uses a technology for wrapping Windows apps to run on macOScalled Wineskin, and should run on macOS 10.6 and above. It wraps SkyDemon forWindows. 

By cobusvanzyl - 12/30/2023 5:22:05 PM

Aussie Andy - 6/26/2023 10:04:12 AM
Hello everyone - I have just downloaded the Mac version of SkyDemon from the App Store.  I seem to be unable to Right Click (two finger mouse press) to bring up context menus on the map.  What am I missing?



Hi Andy,
I am no expert with Skydemon but I think you use a long press rather than right click (two finger press). This works on my Mac (M1 Macbook Air) and is the same as on the iPad.