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No radio frequency when approaching MTMA (Military TMA) in Austria

By wokno - 10/15/2015 11:38:26 AM

when flying into the MTMAs Zeltweg (LOXZ) - or Tulln (LOXT) - the yellow warning will only say "LOXZ RAD", but no frequency.
Also the "what is here" for this airspace will only display "LOXZ RAD" or "LOXT RAD" without the frequency.

Since this is airspace D the display of the frequency would be helpful.

The Pilot Log will give the frequencies for Zeltweg and Tulln Radar though.

(The frequencies to which AIP ENR 2.2 refers are listed in AIP AD 2.18 for LOXZ ( and LOXT)


(SD on Android 5.1.1)
By wokno - 11/15/2015 3:16:05 PM

Confirm it is working with the new charts.