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sync 2 devices in flight

By greg - 9/15/2015 7:58:32 PM

When I fly longer trips, I use 2 ipads, for redundancy.
When planning the flight I sync the route via cloud (when I have wifi)
During the flight I will use one ipad for the navigation, the second one shows the live plog.
Often, a route needs to be changed during the flight.
A useful feature would be the possibility to sync the current route between 2 devices without cloud connection, perhaps using bluetooth or some sort of direct wlan link. The forum is so big, I don't if this idea has been suggested before, or perhaps it exist and I am not aware of it.
By nje - 9/17/2015 4:52:36 PM

Slightly off topic but, Can you run two iPads with skydemon on one account? I know you run android and an iPad.
I like the idea though, about the devices syncing.