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Sharing Cloud Data

By Davida_lewis - 5/10/2015 8:49:41 PM


I normally go flying with other pilots who also subscribe to SkyDemon (all iPad users).  It would be REALLY useful if we could share data within the cloud as the current method of sharing data is very cumbersome (create on route on ipad>send by email>load up emails>open in slydemon>save to cloud).

There was a recent problem where two pilots had a route in their personal clouds, but had different high settings which didn't get picked up until in flight....


By Tim Dawson - 5/11/2015 11:35:01 AM

We can offer a corporate license which is designed for sharing cloud data between multiple devices/users, but I'm afraid that's really the only solution here. Give the office a call if you'd like to find out more about corporate licenses.