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Details missing from printed enroute charts

By lhe - 2/19/2015 4:21:57 PM

Sometimes roads, railways and waterways are entirely or partially missing from enroute charts printed by SkyDemon. In the attached enroute chart file, you can see that on the first (and likely second) page this information appears to be complete. On the third page it is clearly incomplete and on the fourth page it is almost completely missing. I've also attached a screenshot of the SkyDemon window showing the area of the fourth enroute page -- as you can see all the information is there so this is really a printing problem and not a chart problem.

I've found that the parts of the enroute charts corresponding to the area shown in the SkyDemon window when you enter Print Centre is always complete (or so it seems), while other parts may or may not be. (So when I produced the enroute charts, the SkyDemon window showed the area around the beginning of the route -- it was not what you can see on the attached screenshot.)

I should add that the information is missing already when the charts are shown in the Print Centre, so the problem happens when the charts are generated not when they are actually printed.

I'm using SkyDemon on Windows 7.

NOTE: I could not attach the enroute charts file, possibly due to some size restriction? You can find it here: 

By Ray - 9/24/2015 8:30:48 PM

I encountered this problem too. The route I wanted to print was not extremely long, only about 1 hr flight. This makes the printing of enroute charts really difficult. Therefore I would appreciate if this issue is fixed or a simple workaround is published. Printing pages individually would not solve the issue as I want to print two A5 charts on a single A4 page so I can fold them and put them as a backup between my other A5 approach charts.