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Belgium AIP, just 8 aerodromes??

By Danny - 2/7/2015 5:08:36 PM

I have downloaded the Belgium AIP on my pc and tablet (--> all plates are Downloaded)
Now i just see 8 aerodromes. EBAW, EBBR, EBCI, EBGB, EBKT, EBLG, ELLX and ABOS.
Not the other aerodromes, e.g. Spa, EBSP.
When i click on the Spa aerodrome on my pc, it says: There are no plates available for this specified airfield.

The Belgium AIP is free, so why can't i see the other plates?

By Tim Dawson - 3/3/2015 11:42:23 AM

The VAC for EBGB is of poor quality and that is probably why we have not georeferenced it.
Interesting that the private airfields document contains a chart for EBSP. This is not straightforward for us to georeference but we may do so in the future.