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PFLARM re-establish gps connection

By Birdyboy - 5/20/2014 9:45:55 PM

I use a nexus7 in the cockpit with PFLARM wifi'd to provide gps and traffic. Sometimes (like twice in 3 hours) the gps loses signal and then skydemon just stops displaying position. I can only get it 'flying' again by closing and restarting skydemon (which isnt that simple while flying). It would be good if; a) it kept trying or b) reverted to the nexus internal gps.

Also I am not convinced its showing transponder traffic, for other stuff - gliders and commercial its great.

Great program by the way.
By Birdyboy - 4/5/2015 7:56:31 PM

I have had a period when the nexus didn't seem to make a connection with the PFLARM core. I did the mandatory PFLARM core update end of march 2015. I took some time to investigate yesterday and it seems its the android nexus 7 update (5.0.2) that is causing the problem. It was saying 'failed to establish a connection with the butterfly connect unit'.
In the end I had to turn 'mobile data' off under Nexus setup. All ok now. I still have an exclamation mark showing next to the Wifi symbol on the Nexus (and mobile symbol) but this just means it cant get internet. Its a shame I cant have mobile data updating skydemon live but update has not proved that essential in flight.
Just about to take an RS232 GPS position feed from the PFLARM to the Funkwerk TRT800H to give me ADS-B Out so can be seen as well as see.