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Poor data quality of aerodrome info (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Austria,...)

By RobinHood - 4/29/2014 3:31:18 PM

I experience often a lack of quality for aerodrome info data. And lots of posts in this forum prove this statement from my point of view.
So often there is no even an information about the runway length or the kind of surface of a runway. Also tower telephone numbers, opening times, fuel availability and so one are missing (but available in the AIP and charts available to buy in SD).
Is there an chance to get more accurate data into SD? What data source do you use? If it's an open data source I'm sure that there are plenty of persons which would be happy to be able transforming at least the current state of airport information from the AIP's into the data source. This could be a first improvement.
I know that you prefer digital data and copying information from paper/charts like the german AIP is not a "efficient" way to go. On the other hand there lots of people bought the national AIP with all the valid information. I can understand that they (and me too!) expect to have this data available in the chart data, too.
This would be a chance to make SD even more perfect. The Poor data quality of aerodrome information is the only really bad point about SD.
Nevertheless SD is for me the one and only APP in the cockpit.
By Tim Dawson - 7/4/2014 5:03:35 PM

Thanks, those give me something to do on. I'm pretty sure changing the actual chart style is a red herring and unnecessary to trigger the bug.