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Bug reports

By RobinHood - 10/18/2013 8:24:10 AM


Actually, I didn't find any place to report (possible) bugs or things I don't understand.
So I just opened this post and start with one point I just recognized:

@ Tim: Maybe it's possible to have a separate sub-forum for these things.

My current points:
- On the german chart the airport EDRS (Flugplatz Bad Sobernheim-Domberg) is not display on the map. But you can search for it and the right point is "crossed"
- On some airports the airport information is not complete or correct.
As an example there is EDMB (Flugplatz Biberach): Fuel availability: They have also AvGas 100LL (i just reported the actual price).
Is there any way to correct or update the data a "social way" like the price feature? If so, opening times would be a nice feature, too.
By RobinHood - 11/5/2013 1:56:23 PM

Hi Tim,

thank you for the hint with runway length 0. I still had a minimum from 200m.
Your last reply solved this issue.